Event Hobo - Don't Plan Your Weekend Without It!

Event Hobo was created by people that do events for people that organize, permit, participate in, promote, and go to events.  Until now, there has not been one place where all the local event information has been available.


Our mission is to provide information about all the Events, Expos, Festivals, Fairs, Trade Shows and Parades that will have vendors and exhibitors as far out as possible in one place for everyone to see.  Our definition of an event is any large gathering of businesses and people open to the public for the purpose of commerce and entertainment.  We help promoters find exhibitors, exhibitors find promoters, and attendees find events to attend.


As An Event Goer - Use Event Hobo To

Plan which events are most interesting to you.  We include events by date with descriptions of what to expect, costs, and a map to help you get there and even a web link if there is a web site or flyer with information you should know. 


For An Event Organizer - Use Event Hobo To

Find dates for your event that do not have conflicting events on them.  That way people won't have to decide which event to go to, plus there will be more available exhibitors if you are the only event of your kind while your event is taking place.

Let us know the minute you confirm your date and place.  We will post it so other event organizers know what date(s) your event is going to be. Spreading out the events and venues gives everyone a better chance of having a successful event!  We also help you find exhibitors and vendors that want to participate in your event.  And the best part?  Our service promoting your event is Free! 


Exclusive Event Organizer Help

Until now, event organizers and promoters have had to do it all themselves, and most have limited resources.  Event Hobo is coming up on 900 event days as our sister company, CityBizDirectory, and has helped to bring attendees and exhibitors to events for promoters since 2000.

We now have over 1,500 exhibitors registered with us, and can help you create a more successful and profitable event by contacting and contracting exhibitors for you.  We can also assist with event logistics, layout, traffic flow, event resources, and even event marketing.  Once you decide on a date, be sure to list it with Event Hobo then give us a call to see how we can help.  We can help make your event work the easy way!



For An Exhibitor Or Vendor - Use Event Hobo To

Be proactive and contact the event promoters about being an exhibitor in the events you think will be most beneficial to your business, not just be in the events you hear about at the last minute or that contact you.


Do long range planning so you can get the most out of your advertising and promotion budget by working them together for your benefit!  Advertise where you are going to be and when so your customers can come to you!   


Event Professionals, Let Us Know Who You Are!


Event Organizers - If you are an event organizer, let us know who you are by using the Event Organizer link at the left.  This will help us keep up with events you are organizing, and allow us to help you organize and promote it.


Event Exhibitors & Vendors - If you are Event Exhibitor or Vendor, be sure and use the Event Exhibitor link at the left to get us your information so we can send you what we know about upcoming events, opportunities, discounts, and other information you need to know. 


Local Businesses - From time to time we have sponsorship opportunities available that can give you low cost - high impact exposure.  Click here for more details and to register.


We Need Everybody's Help!  If you know of an event we havenít listed, please let us know.  We want to be as complete and thorough as possible.  Somewhere, somehow, something will slip by from time to time, and if it does and you know about it, please let us know.  We are all part of this community, and together we can help make it better for everyone.  If we all work together, we all win!






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